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​​Earl Grey Lavender Cocktails

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These fragrant cocktails combine Earl Grey-infused gin with touches of floral lavender and honey for an elegant sipping experience. With just 10 short minutes of infusing, you can have these stunning purple cocktails ready to shake up.

The key is steeping high quality Earl Grey tea leaves in the gin to extract vivid color and flavor. Lavender honey provides delicate aromatics. Read on for the full recipe and tips on infusing botanical flavors into spirits.

Equipment Needed

Here are some Equipment needed for this recipe:

Infuse Earl Grey Gin

  1. In a mixing glass/jar, add gin and Earl Grey tea bags.
  2. Seal and let steep at room temperature 1 hour, shaking occasionally.
  3. Strain out tea bags through a fine mesh strainer.

Make Cocktail & Garnish

  1. Add Earl Grey gin, lemon juice, lavender honey and egg white to a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  2. Shake vigorously for 45 seconds until frothy.
  3. Double strain into a chilled coupe glass.
  4. Garnish with dried lavender buds. Enjoy!

Tips for Infusing Botanical Flavors

  • Use a high quality Earl Grey with bergamot for best flavor.
  • Allow ingredients to infuse at room temp for 1+ hours, shaking periodically.
  • Fine strain for clear, sediment-free infused liquor.
  • Start with a milder spirit like vodka or gin to avoid overwhelming with mix-ins.

In summary, time and temperature are key for extracting maximum flavor when infusing spirits. Lavender and Earl Grey create a beautifully floral, aromatic cocktail. Cheers!


prep time
5 minutes
1 cocktail
total time
1 hour 5 minutes




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