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If You Love Bloody Marys, Try This New Mix From the Original Inventor of Worcestershire Sauce

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With a Bloody Mary, there are many creative possibilities. For a more savory version, like this Miso Mary Libertine, you may add Chinese black vinegar and shiro dashi. Alternatively, you might replace the vodka with sake to create a perfectly balanced Bloody Majestic. While there is lots of space for experimentation with this savory, traditional brunch cocktail (don’t even get us started on the garnishes), Worcestershire sauce is one component that is almost always present. The original Bloody Mary mix is now being bottled and shipped by Lea & Perrins, the company that introduced the legendary ingredient in 1837. Fans can stock up at major retailers around the country.

According to Holland Robinson, brand marketing manager at Lea & Perrins, “Bloody Mary connoisseurs know that the secret to a top-notch Bloody Mary is the Worcestershire Sauce.” We decided to enter the Bloody Mary market as we sought to introduce our first innovation in more than ten years.

If you’re not familiar, Worcestershire sauce requires a foundation of vinegar and is often flavored with umami and sweet ingredients including anchovies, molasses, garlic, and more. The name of the condiment comes from Worcester, England, where it was first developed. Worcestershire sauce can be used in dishes including Thanksgiving turkey gravy, beef stroganoff, and steak daniel.
The steak sauce and cracked pepper marinade from Lea & Perrins are also part of their product lineup, which will also feature a Bloody Mary mix.

In addition, a spokeswoman wrote in an email to Food & Wine, “Each mildly spicy sip of the Zesty Bloody Mary Mix celebrates the bold, distinct, and savory flavor of Lea & Perrins.” “The mix is handcrafted in small batches and includes flavors from premium ingredients such as fresh tomato juice, fresh horseradish, fresh lemon juice, celery, and a cayenne-based hot sauce in addition to our Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce.”

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