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Thai Red Curry Shrimp with Jasmine Rice

time: 20 minutes. Cook
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Thai cuisine is renowned for its vibrant flavors and aromatic dishes that tantalize the taste buds. Among its many treasures, Thai Red Curry Shrimp stands out as a harmonious blend of succulent seafood, rich coconut milk, and a symphony of spices. Paired with fragrant Jasmine rice, this dish is a culinary journey to the heart of Thailand. In this article, we’ll delve into the history of Thai Red Curry and guide you through the steps to create this delightful Thai classic in your own kitchen.

Historical Context: The origin of Thai Red Curry, known as “Gaeng Phed” in Thai, can be traced back to the central plains of Thailand. It’s a dish deeply rooted in Thai culture, combining elements of indigenous ingredients with foreign influences. While the chili pepper, an essential component of red curry paste, is not native to Thailand, it was introduced by Portuguese and Spanish traders in the 16th century. Thai chefs skillfully incorporated this new ingredient into their cuisine, resulting in the spicy and aromatic Thai curries we know today.


1. Prepare the Red Curry Paste:

  • Drain the soaked dried red chili peppers and place them in a blender or mortar and pestle.
  • Add shallots, garlic, galangal or ginger, lemongrass, shrimp paste (if using), ground coriander, ground cumin, paprika, and salt.
  • Blend or pound the ingredients into a smooth paste. You may need to add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to help with the process.
  • Set the red curry paste aside.

2. Cook the Jasmine Rice:

  • Rinse the Jasmine rice in cold water until the water runs clear.
  • In a medium saucepan, bring 4 cups of water to a boil.
  • Stir in the rinsed rice, reduce the heat to low, cover, and simmer for about 15-18 minutes, or until the rice is tender and the water is absorbed.
  • Remove the saucepan from heat and let it sit, covered, for an additional 5 minutes to steam.
  • Fluff the rice with a fork and keep it warm.

3. Prepare the Red Curry Shrimp:

  • Heat 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil in a large skillet or wok over medium-high heat.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of the prepared red curry paste (adjust according to your spice preference) and stir-fry for 1-2 minutes until fragrant.
  • Pour in 1 cup of coconut milk and stir to combine with the curry paste. Let it simmer for a few minutes until the oil begins to separate.
  • Add the sliced red and green bell peppers, bamboo shoots, and snow peas. Stir-fry for 3-4 minutes until the vegetables start to soften.

4. Cook the Shrimp:

  • Add the peeled and deveined shrimp to the skillet and cook for 3-4 minutes or until they turn pink and opaque.
  • Pour in the remaining 1 cup of coconut milk, fish sauce, and sugar. Stir well and let it simmer for another 2-3 minutes to combine flavors.

5. Serve Thai Red Curry Shrimp with Jasmine Rice:

  • Transfer the fragrant Thai Red Curry Shrimp to a serving platter or individual plates.
  • Garnish with Thai basil leaves and serve with lime wedges.
  • Accompany with Jasmine rice on the side.

Enjoy your homemade Thai Red Curry Shrimp with Jasmine Rice! This delectable dish encapsulates the essence of Thai cuisine, from its bold and aromatic red curry paste to the creamy coconut milk and succulent shrimp. It’s a delightful journey to the flavors of Thailand, right in your own kitchen.


prep time
ion time: 20 minutes.
cooking time
time: 20 minutes.
4 servings.
total time
me: 40 minutes.


  • Chef's knife

  • Cutting board

  • Blender or mortar and pestle

  • Large skillet or wok

  • Wooden spoon

  • Medium saucepan with lid

  • Fine-mesh strainer

  • Serving platter or individual plates


  • For the Red Curry Paste:

  • 3-4 dried red chili peppers, soaked in warm water for 15 minutes

  • 2 shallots, peeled and roughly chopped

  • 4 cloves garlic, peeled

  • 1-inch piece of galangal or ginger, peeled and sliced

  • 1 lemongrass stalk, tough outer layers removed, and sliced

  • 1 tsp shrimp paste (optional)

  • 1 tsp ground coriander

  • 1/2 tsp ground cumin

  • 1/2 tsp paprika

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil

  • For the Curry:

  • 1 lb large shrimp, peeled and deveined

  • 2 cups coconut milk

  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil

  • 2-3 tbsp Thai red curry paste (adjust to taste)

  • 1 red bell pepper, thinly sliced

  • 1 green bell pepper, thinly sliced

  • 1 cup bamboo shoots, sliced

  • 1 cup snow peas, trimmed

  • 1 tbsp fish sauce

  • 1 tsp sugar

  • Thai basil leaves, for garnish

  • Lime wedges, for serving

  • For the Jasmine Rice:

  • 2 cups Jasmine rice

  • 4 cups water


Prepare the Red Curry Paste.
Cook the Jasmine Rice.
Prepare the Red Curry Shrimp.
Serve Thai Red Curry Shrimp with Jasmine Rice.
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